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UU Views of Jesus

UUs’ thoughts on Jesus reflect the diversity of thought encouraged by our liberal faith. Our Principles include a commitment to “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning”; whatever one’s views, there is likely a UU who shares them. Yet we … read more.

Unitarian Universalist Views of Evil

Unitarian Universalists have had relatively little to say about the concept of evil over the generations. This is partly because we have spent our energy reassuring people that human beings are fundamentally good and that those good impulses will ultimately prevail. And … read more.

The Faith of Unitarian Universalist Christians

Unitarian Universalist Christians are as diverse in practice and worship culture as Christianity writ large. Some gather for worship around a Communion table with pomp and pageantry. Some meet in living rooms for theological discussion and Bible study. Some belong to white-steepled
… read more.

September Info, Announcements & Dates

September 2018

NEW COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR NEEDED! Want to volunteer your and help UUCFnc? Trish will train you to take over the newsletter and website. Please contact her at ASAP. She is moving and needs to train someone by November 2018.
On-going: UUCF collects toiletries for Fayetteville … read more.

September 2, 2018 Service: “How do You UU?”

September 2, 2018
“How do You UU?” 
Speaker: Trish Brownlee

Please join us this Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 at 11am for our Sunday Service entitled, “How Do You UU?” This service explores questions surrounding Unitarian Universalist identity and what we gain from worship when no common … read more.

August 2018 Announcements & Save the Dates


July 22nd, Noon – Sunday Services Committee Meeting
July 29th, 11am – Pet Supplies Donation Sunday
August 5th, Noon – Children’s RE Organization Day
August 12th, 11am – School Supplies Donation Sunday 
August 18th, 9am – Covenanting Community Info Meeting
August 19th, Noon – Board Meeting
August 26th, 11am – Backpack … read more.

Summer Service Information: July & August 2018

Please join us at UUCF for our Summer Worship Service Series! Each Sunday (July 1st through August 19th at 11am) our service will focus on discussion about a different Unitarian Universalist Principle. For the final service, we will explore our Unitarian Universalist Sources. Each service … read more.

May 27, 2018 Service – “Draw Your Weapons”

“Draw Your Weapons” 
Speaker: Trish Brownlee

*Annual  Congregation Meeting & Potluck following the service*

Please join us at UUCFnc on May 27th at 11am for our Sunday Service entitled “Draw Your Weapons.” This service explores the book and the role of arts, conflict, memorials, and what … read more.