May 27, 2018 Service – “Draw Your Weapons”

“Draw Your Weapons” 
Speaker: Trish Brownlee

*Annual  Congregation Meeting & Potluck following the service*

Please join us at UUCFnc on May 27th at 11am for our Sunday Service entitled “Draw Your Weapons.” This service explores the book and the role of arts, conflict, memorials, and what they mean for a veteran who doesn’t believe in war, using the book “Draw Your Weapons” by Sarah Sentilles and other research by the speaker, Trish Brownlee.  An art exhibit of veteran and veteran-focused artwork will be included with the service.

Our Speaker is UUCFnc member Trish Brownlee, who is a local veteran, scholar and visual artist.  She teaches art at the Capitol Encore Academy in downtown Fayetteville. In a prior life, she served as a military photographer, later using this experience to research the connection between arts and the military during her thesis work. She has a Bachelor of Art degree in Visual Art from Fayetteville State University and a Master of Fine Art degree in Visual Art from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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