MEMBERS CONGREGATION VOTE – 4/22/18 – Bylaws and Information

This is information was emailed to all members of the congregation on April 1, 2018: 

Dear UUCFnc Members,

On April 22, 2018 we will have our Special Congregational Meeting to vote on needed updates to our Bylaws, and on whether to apply to become a Covenanting Community or apply to become a UUA Member Congregation in this coming 2018-2019 Fiscal Year.  Thank you to all who attended our special meeting on March 11th to help update our procedures manual and discuss proposed changes to the congregation Bylaws. All congregation members are requested to attend, in person or by phone or video chat. This is an important meeting for our congregation. We must have at least 1/3 of the current 47 members present to move forward on our Bylaws Update Voting. Please attend, Skype in, Facetime, or get here however you are able! Please review the below attached informational to help you make an informed vote. Thank you.

Here is the link to the Bylaws with recommended updates. Please review them prior to the special meeting so we may move forward with our vote.

Additionally, a major vote on the table pertains to becoming a Covenanting Communityvs. UUA Member Congregation in the bylaws. Once determined, the board will move forward with that plan in June and submit the required application. It was agreed at the last congregation meeting that the below information would be compiled and included in this email, to assist members in their vote:

Covenanting Community or UUA Member Congregation: THAT IS THE QUESTION

NOTE: We can become a CC now and also continue on to become a UUA Membership Congregation at a later time.  However, we need to vote April 22 on what path to take and accomplish it by the December 2018 application deadline. 
According to my research on the UUA (see cited links below):
Currently standing at 36 members, we are considered by UUA as a small/emerging congregation (between 1-150 members). We are required to have 30 members and we have been established since 1991. We have all documentation required, and are able to get 3 recommendations. Therefore we do meet requirements to become a UUA Member Congregation as per their bylaws and requirements. However, another option for us in the Covenanting Community, which was recently developed.
Here is the link to info about Covenanting Communities: 
and info about UUA Member Congregation
and the breakdown of CC vs. UUA Member Congregation: 
CC: 5% of your operating expenditures from the prior fiscal year, yearly. Our cost is approx $400 for us at this time.
UUA:  $60 per member. Our membership stands at 36 as of our most recent audit. Our cost
is $2160.00 at this time.
Both statuses require renewal in January and the annual contribution every year. 
Both require an application process and approval. 
The UUA Member Congregation application is more intense, requiring: 
– A complete list of all charter members
– A copy of your congregation’s bylaws.
– A copy of your congregation’s Articles of Incorporation.
– A check made payable to the Unitarian Universalist Association for its Fair Share contribution to the Annual Program Fund ($60 x members)
– Three recommendations written in support of the congregation. 
– The UUA requires your congregation’s covenanting documents and practices. (procedures manual)
FROM THE UUA BYLAWS: 89 39B*Section C-3.5. Certification of Membership. 90 A member congregation shall be recognized as certified during the 91 fiscal year of the Association in which it becomes a member and 92 during each subsequent fiscal year in which it established that 93 during the immediately preceding fiscal year it: 94 (a) conducted regular religious services; 95 (b) held at least one business meeting of its members, elected its 96 own officers and maintained adequate records of 97 membership; and 98 (c) made a financial contribution to the Association.
As a covenanting community, you generally receive the same benefits from UUA staff and programs as congregations receive. This includes access to workshops and trainings, the ability to apply for the UUA insurance and benefits programs for any paid staff, subscriptions to UU World magazine for core members, and a primary contact relationship with a regional staff member.
However, as a CC, we do NOT get a vote/seat at the UUA level General Assembly. We do get this vote if we become a full UUA member congregation.

Thank you all for attending and helping us with this important step in moving our congregation forward! We’ll see you the meeting on April 22nd! 

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